Credit Card Fraud

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Credit Card Fraud continues to be a major problem for consumers today. Credit cards have become the lifeline necessary for most consumers to function in today’s almost cashless society. Consumers are vulnerable not only to criminals who steal cards or card information to make fraudulent purchases, but also from companies that issue cards utilizing deceptive practices to collect high fees or to charge exorbitant interest rates. The resulting consequences to a consumer who is a victim of credit card fraud can be devastating. consumer protection lawyers are experts in consumer rights law and may become necessary to deal with these types of crime.

The following tips may help protect a consumer from Credit Card Fraud:

  • Check ATM machines for tampering.
  • Don’t use unbranded or suspicious ATM machines.
  • Don’t allow others to enter your PIN number.
  • Check for suspicious people or hidden cameras when entering PIN numbers.
  • Check bank and Credit Card Statements regularly and report suspicious entries.

The methods and techniques used to commit credit card fraud are many and vary from simple theft of cards to electronic methods that steal a consumer’s information leading to the crime of Identity Theft. The end result may find consumers involved in a long legal process in an attempt to correct the harm to their financial well being. Attacks to consumer’s finances may also come from credit card companies that take advantage of consumers through fraudulent business practices. One of the tactics used may include charging hidden fees for various card transactions. A company may also mask the actual APR charged to a consumer by offering a short term introductory rate. By not posting payments, a company may then include late fees to collect fraudulent additional charges.

Whether a consumer is a victim of the misuse of their credit cards or been taken advantage of by unscrupulous companies, there are federal and state laws to address these issues. As a consumer who finds himself in this position, the advice and council of experienced Credit Card Fraud Lawyers is essential to file a consumer complaint or lawsuit to help recover damages and reclaiming your rights.