Consumer Email Fraud

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The Hazards of Email

Consumers should stay alert for spam emails that purport to come from well-known companies. The exact scam may vary, but usually the email will claim that there is a problem with the consumer’s account or an order has been mistakenly placed which the consumer needs to cancel. The email will provide a link which will take the consumer to a website that may look very similar to the true company’s website with a URL that may sound plausible.

In these fraudulent emails, a consumer will be asked to input personal information which can range from credit card numbers to bank account numbers and PINs to Social Security numbers.

Consumers should not enter any information or they put themselves at risk of becoming victims of identity theft.

If consumers are not sure if the email is a hoax, they should check the real company’s website for a posting about the scam or call customer service.

You should use a regular telephone or online directory to find the company’s contact information, not contact information provided in the email.